Internet Scam Artists Target Kids and Money

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
August 03, 2012 /

The Internet is the land of opportunity for online scamming and kids are natural targets. Although there is greater public awareness and reputedly hi-tech security measures, during the first four months of this year more than twelve million segments of information were stolen by the Internet thieves. This statistic was supplied by a primary credit reporting agency, Experian. They added to this by stating it was an increase of two hundred percent compared to 2010.

This raises concern as to whether kids know how to defend themselves against the scam artists! Microsoft is familiar with a large variety of the hoaxes being perpetrated and which use the company’s name, such as the “Microsoft Lottery”. It could be worth a visit to the Microsoft website which offers a question and answer section related to the various aspects of online scamming.

Make your children aware of the potential danger posed by online scamming. Stress the importance of not giving any details or information whatsoever to any one. Microsoft confirms that they do not make unsolicited approaches related to personal information or regarding, fixing a computer.

Some rules that could save you embarrassment and money regarding online scamming are; do not perform over public or unsecured networks, online banking or any task that involves disclosing personal information. Protect passwords and change them regularly, using numbers, symbols and a mix of upper and lower case letters. Also, add an access code to your smart-phone.

Kids enjoy chatting and playing games on the Internet with their friends. Warn them not to be over talkative on any social sites and about the type of information they divulge. These sites are an online scamming paradise for information.

It could be wise to remember to be over cautious regarding protection against online scamming, instead of being made to look foolish and be poorer financially.


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