Cloud Computing “changing the Business Ecosystem”

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
February 22, 2011 /

KPMG India has released a cloud computing report that coincides with the recommendations of technology research firm Forrester, projecting major changes that businesses will adopt in the future as part of their transition to the cloud.

Forrester’s report has advised enterprises to align business objectives with organizational efforts to ward off security threats, noting that most IT security professionals focus only on technologies used to detect security threats instead of the ones that prevent them from taking place.

Forrester proposed to use technologies that provide preventive rather than detective strategies such as cloud computing, which positions the organization in such a way that it could view the IT environment from a wider perspective to analyze and ward off security threats.

On the other hand, KPMG’s research suggested that cloud computing services revenue is projected to hit $148.8 billion globally by 2014 from $68.3 billion last year.

Kumar Parakala, Head of IT Advisory, KPMG in India and EMA, said technology and innovation have been successfully merged by advanced economies while emerging market leaders such as India and China are on their way leveraging demographics and technologies.

Shifting to the cloud will enable these emerging markets to fill up the gap between the economy and development, thus the birth of a tough competition with the developed countries, Parakala added.

The report primarily focuses on the impact of cloud computing on the government sector, healthcare, and education, noting that these areas will eventually attain socio-economic development which they have been wanting for many years.

In addition, the report provides a context of the implications of shifting to cloud computing on taxation.


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