2011 ‘Tipping Point’ for Tablets – Deloitte

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
January 19, 2011 /

More than 25 percent of 50 million tablets set to be shipped this year, mostly iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, will be acquired by business firms in 2011, Deloitte’s annual sectoral report predicted.

Deloitte attributed the increased interest it saw among consumers to the longevity of the devices’ batteries and the ease with which they install and run applications. The consultancy and accounting firm said despite comments from critics that tablets are “underpowered media-consumption toys suitable only for consumers” more than 10 million tablets will be bought by companies, adding that the interest seems to continue in 2012 and beyond.

Of the 10 million tablets expected to be sold in 2011, 5 million will likely fall into the possession of the healthcare and retail sectors, Deloitte said.

Gartner has previously predicted global sales of Apple’s iPad will reach 55 million this year from 19.5 million in 2010.

Apple has reported a record sale for its iPad computer tablet as demand for the gadget rose in the three months leading to Christmas. The gadgets company said iPad sales recorded 7.3 million before December ended, hitting $6 billion in net income or a 78 percent increase. Apple attributed iPad’s record sale to the gadget’s popularity as an ideal gift during Christmas.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Samsung said sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab reached 1 million in December 3, 2010, three months after its release on October. To fuel increase in its sale, the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab was cut to $349 by T-Mobile while Verizon plans to lower its pricing by $100, bringing Samsung Galaxy Tab’s value to $499.


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