KPMG Partner Joins BP Board

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 09, 2010 /

A former KPMG partner whose name is Brendan Nelson has been selected for the BP’s audit committee. The previous chairman of BP was the HSBC finance director Douglas Flint. He is going to leave BP audit committee next year and will be immediately replaced by KPMG partner.

Although Brendan Nelson has not yet joined BP Board but he will be selected as chairman in the annual general meeting which is going to be held next year.

Brendan Nelson was not only the partner but also the chairman of KPMG Financial Services practice plus also a non-executive director of Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc.

BP is not only hiring Brendan Nelson but is also hiring Frank L. “Skip” Bowman who is a former Admiral in the US Navy. Frank L. will be non-executive director at BP.

In an interview, the chairman of BP Carl-Henric Svanberg mentioned that Brandon Nelson brought huge financial and auditing experience to the audit committee and the Board.

Carl-Henric Svanberg also said that he is delighted to announce the two important appointments of Nelson and Frank. He also said that company is struggling hard to achieve its objectives of providing long term value to the shareholders and it is only possible when we have confidence of the countries in which we work.

Svanberg said that the events of 20th April and their aftermath are a big challenge for everyone and these two new appointments will surely help the company.


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