Bentley-Leek Goes Bust

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
August 06, 2012 /

Collapsed Bentley-Leek Financial Management Limited (Bentley-Leek) is likely unable to pay client claims, according to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Bentley-Leek was placed into creditor’s voluntary liquidation in November 2011. Last March, the FSCS received claims from investors in the failed £47 million property vehicle, with help from Surrey-based IFA Harding Financial, which has taken on the majority of Bentley-Leek clients.

Bentley-Leek administrators said there is at least one eligible claim against the firm before it can declare it in default.

FSCS is considering whether there may be valid claims against Bentley-Leek for advice it gave in relation to various property-backed ventures, and whether the Scheme may be able to pay compensation in relation to those claims.

FSCS said: “Although we are not able to say at this time how long our investigations will take, we will provide further updates on significant developments as they occur.

“If we are able to accept claims, we will then provide customers of Bentley-Leek with information about how to make a claim for compensation.”


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