Our Team

inAudit.com is a team of talented journalists and industry professionals with a wide background. To deliver profession-specific news we monitor hundreds sources, filter thousands press-releases and make required investigations.

You can contact any person from the list. We do not guarantee immediate answer, however you can be sure, that we will come back to you with questions.

Alexander Petrenko, ACCA

Editorial Director | alex@inaudit.com
Alex has over 10 years experience in accounting and audit profession as well as journalism. Attentive to big things and bored with details. Concentrates on driving inAudit.com in right direction.

Kimberly Watson

Editor in Chief | editor@inaudit.com
Kim is a Bachelor in Journalism, graduate of the University of Alabama. Kim is focused on delivering right news on time.

Steven Bobson

Europe & Americas Editor | ea@inaudit.com
Steve is our eyes and ears in Europe and Americas. His passion – to inform you about news, events, scandals in these areas.

Michelle Remo

“Big 4″ observer | big4@inaudit.com
Michelle knows everything about Big 4 firms, starting from partners names and ending amounts of penalties paid for last 25 years. She will gladly share all she knows with you.

Jack Humphrey

Regulatory journalist | reg@inaudit.com
Jack is responsible for tracking changes in regulatory environment and understanding influence of these changes on your daily job.

Sarah Woodman

Global events journalist | events@inaudit.com
Sarah monitors events in the whole world and informs you about them. She also helps you understand, whether you are target audience of the event or your travel should be entertaining only.

Jay Decenella

IT audit expert | it@inaudit.com
Jay is the owner of specific IT knowledge, which we call voodoo. He know what is pwned this morning and knows how to escape it. When our server is down – “He knew it…”

Nil Freeman

Ad Placement manager | ads@inaudit.com
Nil is our feeder and breeder. He helps us to raise money to pay salaries and hire talented people. He ensures, that big players know about us and happy to publicise with us.

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