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Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 06, 2012 /

One big question asked by political pollsters in the United States, relates to how much confidence the average citizen has, regarding their Personal Finances in the forthcoming years! Is there a general feeling of optimism, or is it case of anxiety for themselves and their families.

A popular newspaper poll was conducted by telephone during My 17 to 20 this year.  This followed months of aggressive campaigning by President Obama and Mitt Romney, his anticipated GOP challenger. They are level as to which one is best equipped to find a solution to the problems related to Personal Finances.

The primary concern of more than half of all Americans, relates to the economy and it is one that could determine who they vote for in the fall. Although over 8 out of 10 citizens presently rate the economy in a negative perspective, there are signs of optimism as the situation improves from the 2008 collapse. A 54% majority, state they have greater hopes than anxieties regarding the position during the forthcoming years, with 58% having a “bullish” attitude towards their prospects related to Personal Finances.

When asked how their present Personal Finances compare to when President Obama took office in January 2009; thirty percent said the situation is worse, with only sixteen percent saying it has improved. Any impression that the position would be better if Romney had been president was not widely promoted. The question regarding who had the ability to “kick-start” the economy saw the vote split, as was the aspect of job creation. The present scored 46% against the 45% for Romney.

The Obama campaign is ahead of Romney by eight percentage points, regarding who better understands the problems related to the economic problems of ordinary citizen, which would include the issues relating to Personal Finances.

Another positive aspect for Obama is that he is ahead by 52% to 39%, regarding who has the more impressive personal character to serve as president! This was added to by him having double digits for being firm about his beliefs, with an almost split vote regarding “personal values”.


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