Wallets Influence American Voters

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 28, 2012 /

Americans are concerned with the state of their financial health. This is reflected in a recent survey that showed the primary concern for six out of ten citizens is related to the condition of their personal finance. It was revealed that the financial situation and how it affects them directly, is an important influencing factor for 47% of Americans in their vote casting in November. The candidate who would provide the biggest value for their Dollar, in a savings capacity could be people’s choice.

For the present, the survey shows that the voters are evenly divided on the delivery of financial health. President Obama is rated by 21% of those surveyed as being the best value for their wallets. This is counteracted by a further 21% believing that Mitt Romney, the Republican, would be a greater improvement. This attitude is contributed to by the number of companies that have outsourced, or downsized. Pensions have been forfeited and people have reached a stage of concern, that the criteria are based on the candidate who will enable the best savings scenario.

Another aspect is provided by most of those surveyed, who believe that it is irrelevant who is at the White House. The popular belief is that while the intentions of the candidates are good, they do not have the influence to instigate them. The survey revealed the unfortunate degree of pessimism that prevails among average Americans. This has created an air of cynicism regarding whether either candidate could actually make a difference to their financial health.

Various opinions suggest that the potential for inflation is greater than at any time since the nineteen seventies. Many Americans are concerned for their children and about their buying power. This is a signal to the candidates’ that it is the small items that are the large concern for citizens and these should be given their priority.


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