Self Support Fundraising Could Help in Avoiding Debt

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 21, 2012 /

There are various aspects to every day living that are natural inherent debt creators. Business start-up costs and medical bills are just two potentially high expense items that could make your life financially difficult. However, by adopting a creative financial support plan, or if you like, innovative fundraising techniques you may be able to persuade not only your family, but friends and strangers to help you with your expenses and avoiding debt.

The general perception of fundraising is related to charities and various good causes, but ordinary citizens can also apply the same principles to their own financial causes and avoiding debt.  Americans are renowned for their generosity, but they need to be approached with respect and clarity of the subject. This applies whether it involves medical expenses; a particular project or an overseas venture, there is a method in getting others to invest in it!

Most of us are not mind readers so do not expect those you approach to understand immediately the nature of your cause and its importance. Emotions are the driving force for humans and therefore, you must have a personal theme behind the narrative you put forward and not about not about avoiding debt.  For example, if you are raising money to send a parent on a cruise for their retirement gift, emphasize the fact that this is the first time in many years, he or she has had the time to do something special to them. Another option is fundraising for a family member, who is an aspiring doctor, to have a college education. Present your case with how this relative has from an early age, set their goal on becoming a doctor and why!

However, a word of warning; most people do not like hearing others whine about their circumstances and how tough everything is today. We are all in the same boat on that score and trying the guilt trip routine will not work in avoiding debt. Therefore, be positive when approaching them and giving the reason for requiring, funding.

There have been many examples reported of determined people wanting to raise money for a particular ambition or project and avoiding debt and approaching their friends and families for fundraising. Whether it was related to travel with a particular objective, they used the Internet and other mediums to present their appeal, with surprising, positive results.

People have empathy and asking them to share your challenge is a means of reaching them. This is an aspect that also demonstrates to others that your cause is supported and keep in mind that everyone does really like doing a good deed! This could especially apply to any project you are considering, related to humanitarian work in aThird World country.

Cast your net wide regarding, avoiding debt and be aware of the many and varied methods of fundraising available to you, for contacting people. Individuals are exactly that and they will respond differently depending on the method of approach. Some respond to emails or telephone calls, while social media will draw a response from others. This is also relative to means of donation payments. The more versatile are the ways of paying, the better. Therefore, try to offer facilities for cash, checks, credit cards and any other popular methods that will ensure receipt of payments. Going online with your support plan and avoiding debt is a means of potentially going “viral” and spreading the word quickly to many potential donors.

Do not just have a vision of the monetary donations. Some of those you approach may not be prepared to contribute money directly, but they could be willing to make other forms of donations, for example; used furniture or rejected clothing that could be sold in a garage sale.

Before you go into debt with your credit card, first consider a financial support plan to achieve your goal and avoiding debt. Some positive thinking and innovative  actions could work wonders for you!


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