Rescue Guidelines for Personal Finance

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 21, 2012 /

The emphasis today is on making your Dollar stretch further with greater benefits. Therefore, any method, or personal finance tips that would help you along that path, are worth considering!

One crucial aspect related to your finances is keeping your kids out of the debt trap, or allowing them to put you into one!  This may apply to the question of student loans, where the total sum of the loan should not exceed the amount of your expected gross income for the first year after leaving college.

Another gem from various personal finance tips is never to borrow money from any other source, than the government. Their loans are not only the cheapest, but offer the greatest flexibility.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing the average citizen is finding personal finance tips that help with getting out of the debt trap! Reports show that on critical stage is to face the fact that you are in debt and stop trying to avoid the issue. Start researching various sources related to managing personal finance; for example, Blogs and the many and varied sources available for your specific debt form. There is even an online question and answer facility, to help you understand the reasons for spending and guide you in planning your financial future. Also, do not be afraid to consult a debt counselor; it could prove to be the short and long term answer!

Among the various personal finance tips that could be applied to writing an application for financial aid, is one for schooling or a college. Avoid specific, such as comparing the average schools’ financial awards, with that given to you. Any letter of this nature should be written by the student and not a parent. For multiple applications, state the sum another institution gave you, but do not name it.

One of the most important personal finance tips is being aware of how not to make mistakes. These include neglecting to report income, or entering incorrect information on a tax form. Take time to read the fine print; the rules applied frequently differ between State and Federal tax laws.

If you are buying life insurance two personal finance tips are; first, ask yourself the reasons for buying it and then, do you actually need it? If this is an affirmative, then how much do you need and for what time period? Consider various options from various providers, as benefits and what you pay for them can differ significantly.


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