Personal Finance TV in Philippines by ANC

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
August 14, 2012 /

The ANC news channel believes the way to improving their viewers’ financial management skills is by Personal Finance TV.

The new “On the Money” is an innovative and practical Personal Finance TV finance education program in the Philippines designed to provide advice and answer finance related questions from viewers. Expert guidance is given by some of the most qualified professional financial managers and anchored by entrepreneur and marketing leader Edric Mendoza. He will be supported by financial planner Salve Duplito and Melissa Gecolea a broadcasting journalist.

A general perception is that there is a significant need for this type of Personal Finance TV presentation. As with many other countries, the citizens of the Philippines are unaware of the need to save, and the art of doing so. Although the currency of the country is strong with a performing stock market, the culture of saving has not been developed. Therefore, the introduction of “On the Money” by ANC is a progressive method of communicating with the population in the learning of financial management, particularly the younger generations.

This Personal Finance TV program is planned for airing at 3.30 PM and 6.30 PM on the weekends. As well as the question and answer segments it will explain various conceptions regarding, investing and try to remove some of the false impressions associated with managing money. Various and easy to follow advice will be provided regarding how the viewers could make their Dollars go further!

Personal Finance TV could enable the understanding that a reason for many people experiencing financial problems is due to the belief of entitlement. That they are owed whatever it is they wish to buy and is an attitude that prevails in various parts of the world. However, “On the Money” is honestly acknowledging it as an influencing issue that affects life-styles and that is making many citizens financial victims.

This ANC presentation is an enterprise that could provide a positive financial influence for many viewers, with incentives to change their present attitudes towards managing their financial affaires.


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