Opportunity for October with a Free Financial Planner in 24 Cities

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
October 09, 2012 /

If you have some concerns regarding, sorting out your finances this month here is an opportunity that offers you free financial planning for October! In any one of twenty four cities in America you are able for at least one day this month to take advantage of free financial planning advice from an expert, without any conditions attached to it! For those who are skeptical about any free offers here is the background.

In an attempt to address concerns regarding financial planning, or lack of it by average Americans, four national, nonprofit organizations have teamed up to make this valuable and unusual opportunity available to the public. This free financial planning service is open between October 6 and October 27.

Titled Financial Planning Days it is collaboration between various local governments and literally hundreds of qualified financial advisors located nationwide. It is the third annual event of this nature sponsored by the Foundation for Financial Planning, the Financial Planning Association and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards with the United States Conference of Mayors.

For any member of the public who may assume that this is a sales exercise they can be assured this is not the case. An undertaking has been given that the financial planning advisors will not attempt to sell their financial products or services or even distribute business cards. This was confirmed when the schedule for the year was announced recently.


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