Money Watching Is Keeping Your House or Selling It Now!

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 19, 2012 /

Unfortunately for many house owners there is no expiry date attached to the market related value of your home. An aware property owner will take the time to research and compare comparable house values in their area. However, for some, the big financial escape is to sell your home, irrespective of what lies ahead.

The money watch factor comes into play, when making the decision related to the actual selling price. Real estate agents will give prices that are primarily based on how much they can put in their pockets. If your house remains on the market for many months and becomes a sort of local monument; the agent will still use it to sell other and cheaper properties in your area. If you want to sell your home and are waiting for a buyer, here is an example of what can happen.

A historic home on a farm near Gettysburg has been on the market for sale and the owners have already bought and moved to another property. There have been no offers to purchase and the decision now is whether to keep the property and wait for the market to improve, or sell your home at a lower price!

Many sellers are either influenced by family and friends regarding what their home is worth, or create in their minds an emotionally based value. On the other hand; those desperate to sell in an overcrowded market, keep reducing their price and either sell at almost a giveaway figure, or abandon the process. The money watch factor is discarded, as is the challenge to finding the right market.

The process to sell your home in the existing economic climate at the right price is a significant challenge. The right price is generally determined by the market; the more exclusive is a property, greater is the challenge to establish its market segment. To sell your home, it may require you to expand your sales vision outside the local area to find a genuine buyer.

The home in Gettysburg is considered a beautiful property and is a good example of this aspect. A realistic and proficient real estate agent could determine the market related price that should sell your home. However, they could fail in meeting the challenge if their efforts are confined to the local areas.

The money watch criteria becomes effective by your home having a unique value, that potential buyers in perhaps more affluent areas will find appealing. Therefore, consider contacting realtors in other areas, regarding help to sell your home.

There are unfortunately, no guarantees that this action will succeed. In that case, review your reasons for wanting to sell your home and your financial ability to continue living there.


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