Money and Marriage Talk Is Not Cheap

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
July 09, 2012 /

Personal finance & jobs are becoming prime factors in discussions between couples. A recent study showed that more than fifty percent of them discuss their respective financial situations before they get engaged. This is partly attributed to, by a relatively high divorce rate and is considered a healthy and positive sign, despite being uncomfortable and the cause of a few altercations.

Another advantage provided by this open communication, relating to personal finance & jobs, is that it is usually transported into their married life. It encourages and is the basis for agreement as to how earnings will be distributed and responsibility established regarding personal finance & job matters.

It was also revealed by the study, that 12% of couples did not discuss financial aspects until after the marriage vows had been made. An almost similar percentage said that financial planning was never mentioned, even in long established marriages. Most couples derive their attitudes regarding personal finance & jobs from family influences. Understanding a partner, could help in understanding origins and provide a different point of view of perhaps controversial aspects.

Many experts express the opinion that it is healthy for couples to share their personal finance & jobs situations and ambitions with each other. Such discussions can reveal interesting information related to characters and induces confidence and trust in the relationship and see a different point of view.

Gaining an insight into how personal finance & jobs are perceived by a partner, could be guidance for the future. Once married, a spouse is responsible for the debts of the other. If there are debts that have not been disclosed, it could become a contentious issue for the future.


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