Manage Your Summer Spending and Control Personal Finance

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
July 20, 2012 /

With much of the country having experienced significant heat waves and forcing increased usage of air conditioners, managing summer spending has received a setback in many homes. Electricity costs have soared caused by heavy storms disrupting power supplies and causing the need for sometimes expensive emergency solutions for staying cool.

Either extra time in the car, or children spending their summers at home, add to resultant fuel costs and extra expense for parents on extra activities. This all contributes to make the managing of summer spending more of a challenge.

Various financial experts have submitted options regarding changes from summer routines that could make a difference. One aspect is that declining fuel costs have had a positive effect, but this has to some extent been countered by the heat of summer and its consequences. Power companies nationally, have reported highly significant surges in the demand for electricity recently, which will be reflected in forthcoming bills.

A method of managing summer spending relative to electricity costs is to run air conditioners on a timing mechanism. This enables coolness in the house in the morning and evening, which can be adjusted when the house is empty, or overnight. Reports show that thirty percent may be saved on an energy bill and similarly, with a hot water heater.

Having some family and friends BBQ’s outside and saving, cooking with the oven will also conserve energy and closing the blinds against the sun.

If you have planned to send the kids to a summer camp, although many are expensive, consider YMCA facilities and those offered by local church organizations. Although filling time for kids may be, do some research for activities that are inexpensive and help with managing summer spending! This method of planning can also be applied to vacation.


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