Holiday Fare Hikes Hit Travel Budgets So Look at Other Options

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
August 21, 2012 /

Various reports show that that during the festive seasons the cost of transport is unashamedly increased. This situation arises during Christmas, Easter and certain Muslim holidays. In many instances, you budget for a specific occasion, and these budgets are therefore placed under stress. However, instead of trying to save your finances it seems an expected and accepted situation, without any regard given to finding alternatives.

Various travelers particularly Nigerians who travel eastwards in the country do not consider the options that are available to them and with proper financial planning could save your finances. Therefore, if you are planning a trip in December, now is the ideal time to start reviewing the options to save you expenses on travel that could be utilized form other aspects of your holiday.

In these volatile financial times it is crucial that you have a financial budget. If you intend flying begin researching the various providers for the best and cheapest bookings. This will give you not only peace of mind instead of leaving it to the last minute, but also save your finances. If necessary, you can always re-schedule your flight at a later date.

If you are going on a bus journey then with between ten to fifteen thousand Nairas, you can book your bus ticket on a vehicle that is safe and comfortable.  If you have heavy goods to transport, then it is essential that you start preparing to move them as soon as possible, to ensure the right time and to save your finances.

Keep in mind that to revel with heavy luggage or goods is expensive. Therefore, keep your travel luggage as light as possible and buy any item that is heavy, such as food when you reach your destination. This prevents some frustration, aggravation and will save your finances.

Take time to review the various travel options available to you and it could be a surprise at the variations in costs you will perceive.  Remember that it is a case of supply and demand and as you get closer to the holiday term, this factor starts to change status dramatically. This in turn has a crucial effect on how you can save your finances.


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