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Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
July 06, 2012 /

The issues surrounding and getting a job in the present economic conditions do not discriminate between any particular group and segment of job seekers. In many respects, the playing field has been leveled and if it is inclining at all, it is directed towards the American business heritage of entrepreneurship. Various personal finance tips are available in many forms, but perhaps the cure is more complicated than that!

Many and varied philosophies and personal finance tips are being promoted, as to how individuals can get a job. However, the reality of the situation has been accepted by many; that the answer lies in teaching economic survival to students in primary and secondary schools. This would help solve a primary obstacle of getting the average American to accept responsibility for their personal finance management.

The United States of America is a traditionally free market and capitalist society and this was the foundation of the country. Individual freedom and innovative initiative are preached from many and varied job solutions pulpits. However, the reality is that the fundamentals of economics and finance are neglected in most primary and secondary education facilities.

In the present day survival type of economy, basic and generally well worn personal finance tips will not inspire, motivate or be effective without a foundation of basic finance principles. This is aggravated by many majors at college, not being required to take these classes. Therefore, it is becoming ever clear, that the younger generations are joining their elders in an ever increasing state of financially ignorant bliss.

In many instances, the pioneer spirit exists in the U.S.A; with most American business activities classified as small businesses. The success of these entrepreneurs is shown by the fact that they employ over half the workforce in America! To preserve and develop the free market capitalism in America; this type of motivation should be instilled from an early age, into the youth, at all levels of the education system.

In bygone days, a well presented resume and smooth manners could go a long way towards getting a good job. Not today!  Following the recession, being offered opportunities, ceased and it became a case of success by innovation and creation. It became necessary to forget any form of “hand-out” philosophy and getting into the mode of finding where your particular abilities are directed and making them create the opportunities for you.

Research existing and potential growth industries and either adapt your existing talents to make them compatible, or develop new ones! There are many successful people who are prepared to help you succeed, but you have to supply the imitative and self motivation.


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