Poll Shows American Optimism for Improving Situation

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
May 22, 2012 /

Although appearances may suggest that Americans are not too excited about the economy, a Gallup Poll reports that they are in fact becoming optimistic that their situation is turning for the better, regarding the Nation and its people.

The poll revealed that although 71% of those surveyed rated economic conditions as poor, a 58% majority have confidence that their situations, presumably including, will have improved in one year from now. Personal finance is regarded as being on the upswing, with one-third of those surveyed showing their situation has improved since a year ago.

Regarding political aspects, 55% said the economy, which reflects on personal finance, would improve over the next four years if Romney was elected. This compared with the 46% who thought it would improve with Obama being re-elected.

Various reports show the analysts believe the situation has not changed, including relative to personal finance and that neither candidate has a significant advantage. Romney is considered to have the better ratings, due to his reputation as a CEO. On the other hand, Obama will have the benefit of people being optimistic about the future.

Romney has some repairs to carry out with his party, though six out of ten Republicans and other independents, say they are satisfied. Obama did not face a primary challenge. Eight out of ten Democrats and independents, say they are satisfied with him as the nominee.


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