Financial Shots Fired in Senate Race

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 27, 2012 /

Various financial shots are being fired in the senate race creating more confusion for Connecticut voters. During last week they were told that Democrat Chris Murphy had been lazy regarding payments on two occasions including a tax bill.

One of which, according to records, was being late on seven occasions in paying car taxes to the town of Southington between 1998 and 2005. Another lax Murphy moment occurred in 2005 when he was almost four months late in paying a property tax bill. For any skeptical voters it could be time for them to start wondering what else is behind the locked financial doors!

On the other side of this senate race Mr. Murphy’s opponent Republican Linda McMahon made a gracious decision. In 1976 she and her husband filed for bankruptcy and walked away from their debts. After almost thirty six years, she has graciously decided to repay the people who had trusted her and whom; she had left in a financial lurch.

Between Murphy and McMahon it seems that the Connecticut voters are between a rock and a hard place in deciding who should have their votes in this senate race. As in the two previous episodes relating to rental delinquencies and a foreclosure action, Murphy and his campaign staff provide ever changing versions of what happened.

The financial shots have continued with the revelation that the McMahons were in debt for almost $1 million when they sought protection by filing for bankruptcy. Now, thirty six years later and in the multi-millionaire bracket, this couple have stated they will repay any creditor that they can find! They sweeten their images in the senate race by saying that interest will be given on the amount, almost four times that of the original sum.

Mr. Murphy, adopting the role as a “Caped Crusader” says that his liabilities were all paid as, and when he “found out” about them. He has been pressuring Mrs. McMahon to remedy the situation with her creditors!

Adding fuel to this financial fire is a report that gracious Linda was also late in paying a property tax bill. The McMahon’s own a multi-million dollars condo in Stamford. They paid their annual city taxes on Friday, but after being fifty one days late in paying the first half of that tax bill.

It could be said that both candidates might benefit from counseling, regarding personal finances as this senate race has turned into a scenario resembling a financial circus. The candidates appear absorbed in their own somewhat ignominious personalities, financial positions and history. This is instead of expressing their beliefs and philosophies and what they will do for the benefit of the voters.


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