Do You Know How You Are Spending and Saving Your Money?

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 26, 2012 /

The art of spending/saving money could be regarded as an essential relationship in our everyday lives, but could also be viewed as your heart and your head combining to your best advantage. This is an alternative perception to that which decrees we must be smart and strict about our money. The pursuit of self interest is all very well but when it enters conflict with our ideals then our values are thrown into a state of confusion. These values are crucial and valuable assets relative to our finances.

The various declines in the economy have caused the average American to change their perceptions about spending/saving money. The performances of various financial institutions have been the cause for concern and a significant amount of skepticism in the actual establishment. Fear and anxiety are powerful motivators and can direct people towards taking certain actions. Depending on their individual degrees of emotion they can either start searching for a more in depth meaning and solution to the problem or just go into their mental foxhole and hope it will all go away. However, probably for most people today it is a question of mixed emotions, especially regarding, spending/saving money.

One positive result has been that many Americans have opened their minds to new concepts about their money. This has in part been induced by a feeling of being let down by the establishment, particularly those who bought into the Wall Street retirement philosophy. They are asking the question of where is their money now!

There are different perceptions from different companies regarding investment, so how do you choose the one that meets your needs, not theirs? On one side of the coin are those who believe the investors are a primary factor, which they are. However, will this philosophy best serve your interests?

The other type of company philosophy would share your particular values and have a holistic attitude towards business. Although they believe their investors are important, this will be tempered by a belief that customers, employees and other related service entities have the same value.

Many people place much faith in financial advisors regarding, spending/saving their money. However, the fact remains that at the end of the day it is you who are responsible for the spending/saving of your money, no matter who is helping you. This factor has been proven often in recent times and many lessons should have been learned about accepting responsibility for your own finances.

If you are new to the investment challenge, then ask questions from specialists. You will have to accept that in certain areas there are aspects you do not understand, but do not permit any perceived financial expert to take advantage of this perceived failing. Protect your money and check out the problem for knowledge and then, check it out again! It is all about spending/saving your money.


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