Disablement and the Importance of Insurance

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
July 31, 2012 /

It is shown by various government reports that there is a thirty percent potential for a worker now aged twenty, to become disabled before attaining the retirement age limit. However, concerns have been expressed regarding the fact that just about one third of private industry employees possess long-term disability insurance.

Arguably, a disability to a breadwinner could be considered more severe to a family than a death, because a disabled person still requires financing. This factor is a reason it is sensible for individual insurance to be sought if you are not covered adequately by your employer of are self-employed.

There are various factors in support of this philosophy, including that disability insurance offers protection from loss of income due to a disabling accident or illness. Benefits usually begin after about three to six months from you becoming disabled from work. For this type of coverage there are three sources which are the Social Security Administration, the employers and the private insurers.

Should you be receiving disability insurance from your employer it needs to be sufficient to meet your needs if being disabled! It is usual for a group plan to replace forty to sixty percent of your wages, to a maximum of $5,000 per month. If the employer is paying for the premiums then this sum would be subjected to taxation.

For any one in working in a specialized field, or who is able to afford a high premium it would be a great advantage to invest in an “own occupation” policy. This type of coverage provides protection should you not be able to perform the primary functions related to your occupation.

Of crucial importance is the term that benefits would be paid and which influence the cost of the premium. While various policies pay benefits from disability insurance to the age of sixty five, or, until the age of full retirement, others pay for two to five years. Various qualified insurance professionals recommend comparing available non-cancelable policies.


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