Compare Personal Financial Risks with Potential Rewards

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 04, 2012 /

While the emphasis generally seems to be on attaining and growing wealth, unexpected emergencies and resultant expenses are always a possibility. Therefore, it could be considered that protection of wealth from loss is as crucial as its growth. Accordingly, consumers who wish to limit their exposure to Personal Finance Risk should have the correct insurance in place and continue gaining the rewards with a greater confidence.

Taking precautions in mitigation against Personal Finance Risks factors would reduce the potential of critical financial losses; for example, diversifying into a 401(K) investment portfolio. Another consideration is creating a fund for any emergency situation, including the loss of your job. The costs involved and the consequences in the long term, of withdrawing funds from a reserve account, could be relatively less than permitting expenses to remain unpaid, or resorting to a credit card.

A primary factor in avoiding Personal Financial Risks is related to unnecessary risk taking, even if the Rewards are less. However, this is a matter of judgment, such as not investing in equities to avoid stock market declines. It is crucial that assessment is made regarding Personal Finance Risks and the potential Rewards, in the long and short terms.

The decision to protect your assets with insurance should be based on the Personal Finance Risks and not from an emotional perspective. The focus should be directed towards the provider that offers the most comprehensive protection from loss, rather than superfluous benefits. It should also be realized, that insurance is designed to protect assets and not for their growth.

The reduction of insurance costs may be achieved by the installation of security systems, which is a form of risk mitigation, or even stop smoking, among others! Another consideration would be self-insurance combined with a commercial policy. Your protection against Personal Finance Risks, means researching for the right type of insurance that meets your specific needs.


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