Choosing Your First Credit Card for the Best Score

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 05, 2012 /

No matter your age, choosing your first Credit Card could be considered a lifestyle experience. An ideal situation is that parents educate their children in the various aspects of using a card and the risks associated with it. Managing money is an integral part of life for everyone today and sooner is the lessons learned the better.

If you are under the age of 18, then you cannot apply for a Credit Card. Discuss with your parents whether they would permit you controlled use of their card, to practice the art of money management. If this is not an option, consider practicing with a debit card. While you are using this method, carry out some research on the various Credit Cards available and which one will provide you with the best credit score.

Over the age of 18 and you are now ready to enter the plastic world of the Credit Card. If you have experience of cards, then you will have some preparation. However, choosing the provider to start with should not be regarded as an easy decision. Various sources offer different advantages to users; for example some

Student’s cards will not charge you interest for the first nine months of usage. Add to this, a 5% cash back on certain items purchased. Other benefits related to Credit Cards, could depend on your credit history, with offerings of no annual fees and cash backs in the region of 25%.

There are many and varied options available to you and it would be beneficial if you take sometime to consider and compare them. With care taken in the selection of your Credit Card and wise financial management, your credit score would quickly be established.



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