Buyers and Advisors to Blame for Money Lost on Facebook Stock

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 12, 2012 /

Investment in various ways is a gamble without any guarantees of success and those investors seeking desperately someone to blame for their own decisions in buying  facebook stocks need only look in the mirror or at their advisors. Apportioning blame is unfortunately a common trait; it makes the culprit feel better and less inadequate, it is easier and more acceptable to everyone else.

Therefore, it seems that David Ebersman has been elected as the sacrificial lamb. However, perhaps the main factor in this episode is helping to retain a myth. That investing in commodities such as facebook stocks and making money, is as easy as pushing the right button on your computer.

Various reports show that it is unfair to blame David Ebersman for the facebook stocks debacle. Nevertheless, is it the fault of a seller if there are an abnormal number of offers above the asking price, for a commodity just placed on the market? On the same issue, would you blame this seller if your offer was accepted and you realized you had willingly paid a price that was too high!

A classic example of this facebook stocks “blame complex” is demonstrated by the last crash in the housing market. In this case every possible related person involved in the real estate market has been apportioned blame during the past five years. This is except the buyers of properties who again willingly paid and borrowed, sometimes beyond their limits. It would be interesting to learn if a homeowner has ever been blamed for selling their house in 2007?

As with the housing situation, the greedy and frenzied buyers of facebook stocks are not being held to blame. Neither are the analysts, the investors, private fund managers or other so called financial advisors who spent years before the Facebook IPO grabbing the stock in private markets. This sent the facebook stocks soaring, without knowledge gained of the financial implications. Add to this list the media who went ballistic, screaming about the most fantastic IPO ever!

Buyers of facebook stocks were not forced into buying and the market related price of any stock at any given time, represents that which willing buyers and sellers trade.

Looking at events objectively and without the blame David Ebersman hysteria, it seems that many of those involved in buying facebook stocks are performing a Machiavellian job of not accepting responsibility for their own failings. Should they not consider this a valuable learning exercise and reap the benefits from it in the future!


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