Budgeting for the Day Pays the Bills

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 13, 2012 /

A popular and relative phrase for most people today concerns budgeting money and in many instances it could be the key to survival.

In New Zealand, Money Week has started, which is designed to help Kiwis gain some knowledge about budgeting money and everyday financial management. Across the country various educational events are taking place, with activities arranged by a variety of organizations that are raising awareness of how citizens can improve their money management and receive help while doing it!

Household money is used everyday. It is needed to pay bills, feed a family and pay the rent. Managing finance is an essential part of everyday life, but is a subject not usually taught in schools. Effectively budgeting money is common sense, with the influence of financial discipline. One of the most common and probably the highest household expense is related to food. Despite some perceptions, it is possible to have a good, nourishing meal without spending a significant sum of money. A few basic principles can help with budgeting money and keep control of your shopping.

Before going, shopping, concern yourself with budgeting money and planning your menu for the week.  During the planning process, check various sources for any special deals offered by the local supermarkets and other food stores. Write a shopping list and seriously, keep to it! If you have children, leave them at home or ignore them when shopping if they start pestering you. Make sure you have checked for the cheapest supermarket in the area and take a calculator with you, or use one of the in-store scanners.

A primary factor when going and shopping is to eat first. A hungry shopper is one that is likely to buy and exceed their set food budgeting money.


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