Bringing Americans Together with Personal Finance

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
June 20, 2012 /

Various social and other types of message facilities and comment sections on websites in America and around the world are filled with varied and hysterical types of venom and vitriolic, frustrated ravings. It is also prevalent in family rooms, bars and any other places, where people of America gather and naturally talk about the news of the day.

This type of negative conversation has unfortunately become the norm rather than the exception. And the indications in America are that it is worsening. A report from the Pew research Center supported this contention. Common ground for most of America is the fact of personal finance. This could be used as a form of rallying point and motivation towards mutual support. However, it does seem that financial frustrations are being released by verbal complaining.

This was shown in related comments made by supporters of President Obama and Mitt Romney. They included personal directives such as Mr. Obama being a Kenyan and a socialist Manchurian candidate, who hates America and has destroyed the economy!

Opposing supported contested this with, Mr. Romney being a spineless, flip-flopping rich guy; who cares more about chasing dollars and pandering to voters, than about helping the average person!

This obvious inane and frustrated verbal release of emotions, could be considered sad and at the same time, concerning. They only related to some of the questions answered by Obama and Romney supporters in the 2012 Pew’s American Values Survey. The questions concerned gender, race and religion, foreign policy and immigration.

Other opinions that emerged from the survey showed that 82% of voters for Obama agreed that labor unions in America are needed to protect the working person. This was as opposed to agreement from only 43% of Romney supporters.

While 76% of Romney supporters agreed that government regulation of business, usually does more harm than good; only 41% of the opposing Obama supporters agreed with this. Obama voters agreed 75%, that it is the government’s responsibility to take care of people in America, who cannot take care of themselves, compared to 40% of Romney voters.

The results were not regarded as surprising, particularly when related to the politics of recent years. It does appear that if one party makes a statement, then automatically the other will disagree. Other aspects surveyed, concerned topics that featured large partisan divides; the environment and immigration. This also was not considered a surprising result, or a positive one.

More positive news, however, was shown in areas where the partisan divide appears less significant. For example, there was largely bipartisan agreement on the importance of political engagement. This was supported by most of America agreeing that prayer was an important part of daily life. Highly significant, was that there were also less partisan differences when it came to personal finance preferences. This could be food for thought!


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