A Personal Finance Skill Called Negotiation

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
May 15, 2012 /

Living in the financial chaos of the present day world, one of the most critical advantages in saving money and improving your lifestyle is the skill of negotiation.

No matter whether you are seeking a raise in salary, or trying to get a reduction in your rent and especially buying a new car; standing your ground and negotiating could mean the difference in affordability. It was this type of personal finance skill that made Ramit a star!

The parents of Ramit Sethi taught him the valuable skill of negotiation. It was a personal finance skill that made Ramit a star and a lesson that was learned through his parents buying a Honda vehicle. Many visits had been made to the car dealership regarding this specific car and everything appeared to be completed until the dealer attempted to charge for the floor mats of the vehicle.

Mr. Sethi stood his ground, negotiated and obtained the floor mats for the Honda. It was a lesson remembered by his son and one, which taught him the personal finance skill that made Ramit a star!


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