Nipping Threats in the Bud: How to Prop Up Risk Management Techniques in Post-recession Era

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
March 01, 2011 /

A three-day marcus evans conference will be held in London come April 6 slating discussions on risk management with speakers who are key players in providing business advisory to organizations worldwide.

The strategic risk management conference will revolve around issues facing industries after the 2008 global financial meltdown which has complicated the global markets in the years following it.

Some of the major problems facing risk management officers these days are risk mapping, risk profile development, and looking for risks that are less likely to show up.

The event will see the presentations of the top risk management officials in some of the world’s leading business consultants such as Deloitte, Alcatel-Lucent, Sibelco, and many others composing a large panel of speakers who will attend the conference.

The marcus evans conference is said to provide an overview of some of the world’s leading organizations’ risk management techniques. The target audiences are senior level management representatives who will then be asked to share what major risks they have encountered in their respective organization.

The speakers will then offer advices on how to best solve issues such as strategy-setting, risk-mitigation, dealing with unexpected consequences, and using tools to communicate changes.

At the end of the conference, participants are expected to understand the existing obstacles of an efficient risk management strategy to meet the needs of the enterprise while, at the same time, preparing the organization for external evaluation of its risk management techniques.

On day one, DNV and Deloitte will conduct workshops on the sustainability in a supply chain perspective and risk management regulatory measures of government agencies, respectively.


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