IOSCO Organizes Round Table Discussion on Securitization

July 05, 2012 /

The International Organization of Securities Commissions has held a round-table discussion on issues arising from its work on securitization, in the context of its work on shadow banking and as part of the ongoing effort to facilitate the sustained recovery of sound securitization markets globally.

Participating in the discussion were representatives from IOSCO’s Task Force on Unregulated Markets and Products and the securitization industry, including issuers and investors, interest groups, lawyers
and auditing firms. Held at IOSCO headquarters in Madrid on Monday, the meeting focused on the Organization’s recently published Consultation Report on Global Developments in Securitization Regulation, which was drafted by the Task Force. It is open for public comment until 6 August 2012.

The Consultation Paper was prepared at the request of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) as part of its work to strengthen oversight and regulation of the shadow banking system. Measures in this area deal
with risk retention, improvement in transparency and the standardization of product disclosure, all of which were discussed by participants at the round table.

The report also highlighted the importance of securitization as a market-based source of finance and the role cross- border issuance plays in deepening markets and supporting growth in the real economy.


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