FRC Announces Membership of the Actuarial, Audit and Assurance and Accounting Councils

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 06, 2012 /

Following reform of the Financial Reporting Council in July 2012, the FRC has announced membership of the Actuarial, Audit and Assurance and Accounting Councils, advisory bodies to the FRC Board and its Committees.

The FRC said the Councils have deep expertise in their respective fields and will provide the FRC with both technical knowledge and a wide understanding of the key issues it faces.

Olivia Dickson chairs the Actuarial Council, Nick Land chairs the Audit and Assurance Council and Roger Marshall chairs the Accounting Council. As members of the FRC Board, they will ensure that the Council’s advice is fully explained at that level.

Commenting on these appointments Chairman of the FRC Baroness Hogg said: “In establishing the Councils the FRC has made important appointments that will command respect for the quality, range and objectivity of their input. Each Council will make a strong contribution to our input to EU and international, as well as domestic policy-making. I look forward to working with each Council.”


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