4th Internal Audit, Assurance and Risk Forum

May 09, 2012 /

The Thought Leader Global will hold its fourth internal audit, assurance and risk forum on May 14-15, 2012 at Amsterdam.

Internal Audit and Corporate risk have reached a critical time for their role and perception by management. Both audit’s and risk’s positions within GRC are vital. Only through innovation with they success in their goals. These innovations depend on goals which include self-assessment, ERM, technology, compliance and business integrity.

Audit must measure the effectiveness of its audits, then use better outcome-based metrics to demonstrate value. It must also bring IT audit and operational audit closer together. This will be helpful in particular for auditing cloud, social media and data. Companies must review the updated COSO framework, recent guidance on ERM and re-examine their own risk philsophy, risk appetite and formulate a company-wide definition of risk management and tolerance levels. To support this, corporate audit and risk must each understand their roles to support the compliance process and to be more proactive.

The following will grace the event:

  • Telenor Create Opportunites by Risk Handling
  • Emirates Investment Authority  Governance Framework for Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Special Case Study  Audit Cloud Computing
  • MIH Group The Internal Auditor in Cyberspace
  • Paychex Improving Risk Appetite Dialogue
  • GAVI Aliance  Updated COSO Framework 2012
  • IBM  Improving Governance and Compliance
  • Swisscom  Auditing Social Media and Data
  • Vale  Risk Management Compliance in Emerging Markets
  • ASML and Randstad Holding  Evaluating Audit Effectiveness and Forensic Examinations
  • Nokia Siemens Networks  Incorporating ERM into Decision Processes


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