Target of New Deloitte Lab: Fast, Usable Mobile Apps

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
April 29, 2011 /

With the growing mobility requirements of their client base, Deloitte and SAP have collaborated to come up with the Mobility and Usability Lab, an innovation unit designed to research, design, build and test the mobile apps of different industries.

German software company SAP, Sybase (an SAP firm), and Deloitte address the needs of industries to fast track their mobile apps, emphasizing their usability through this new unit. Mobility and Usability Lab serves to expand Deloitte’s Mobility Practice to support SAP solutions.

Early on March, Deloitte launched a phone application that would not rely on network connectivity to help businesses deal with disasters using modern technology. It was the first of its kind in crisis management related developments.

The phone application was designed to store updated procedures and action-plans on how to manage crisis.

Through Sybase® Unwired Platform mobile apps that served as technology support, Deloitte was able to roll out more than 30 modular, market-ready applications that ease adoption for clients.

Deloitte has drawn these mobile apps after conducting an extensive study and work worldwide on several areas, from mobile time entry and customer self-service to order management and medical device service.

“When a client wants to see how a potential solution would work, we can give them an up-close view. And, when it’s time to implement, we already have many of the assets they need,” said Carl Lay, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and SAP mobility practice lead.

Lay explained that most of Deloitte’s applications are developed based on observations into the mobility needs of its clients, thus its collaboration with SAP and Sybase to come up with “foundational applications” intended to be usable to its clients for their mobility drive.

The mobile apps are said to incorporate Deloitte’s “business insights, technical know-how and speed” according to Chris McClain, senior vice president at Global Mobility and Sybase Solutions of SAP AG.

McClain described Deloitte’s mobility practice as a “natural extension” of SAP AG’s mobile collaboration.

Starting May 15 through 18, Deloitte will demonstrate several of the mobility applications developed through this collaboration in an exhibit at the SAPPHIRE® NOW customer conference, in Orlando, Florida.


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  1. Jack

    It is really (yes, really) bad idea to involve SAP into development of something “usable”. For a very long time we know them as the ultimate developer of bulky unusable software, that seriously harms efficiency.

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