NYSE Liffe U.S. Expands Mini MSCI Futures Portfolio

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 11, 2012 /

NYSE Liffe U.S., the U.S. futures exchange of NYSE Euronext, added three new futures contracts based on MSCI global indices.

The addition of mini MSCI Canada, mini MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America and mini MSCI World index futures offers customers more flexibility and control in implementing their desired exposure to key global markets; and provides accessibility to a wider range of in-demand global economies.

With significant growth in interest in world markets, these products provide NYSE Liffe U.S. customers with a more complete menu of products to better tailor their positions as part of their global trading strategy.

“Since becoming the sole U.S. exchange for MSCI index-based futures, we have been working closely with our diverse client base to build a comprehensive portfolio that combines the products they need with compelling liquidity, pricing and unique trading capabilities,” said Cliff Weber, Head of Strategy and Product Development, NYSE Liffe U.S. “We are excited to launch these new products as we continue to fill in the global picture that the MSCI indices create for investors. The trading community now has more tools to better manage their positions and fine-tune their global equity markets exposure.”

“With an estimate of more than $7 trillion tracking MSCI Indices on a worldwide basis[1], we continue to see institutional investors adopting a global view of the equity investment opportunity set,” said Ricardo Manrique, Executive Director, MSCI. “The expanded offering of mini MSCI index futures contracts on NYSE Liffe US further demonstrates the strength of this globalization trend and the importance of equity indices that are investible, transparent, and widely used as benchmarks.”

In addition to offering direct exposure to global developed markets through the new mini MSCI World futures, the addition of mini MSCI Canada futures to mini MSCI USA and mini MSCI EAFE futures provides the component pieces to better manage their desired exposures to the North American markets.

At the same time, mini MSCI Emerging Markets Latin American Index futures offers more refined exposure within the MSCI Emerging Markets index. All of the new futures contracts clear and settle in U.S. dollars at the Options Clearing Corporation.

In May 2009, NYSE Liffe U.S. signed a license agreement with MSCI to offer a broad suite of domestic and international index futures products built on a range of MSCI equity indices.

These indices include style and sector exposures as well as flagship MSCI indices like the MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) and MSCI EAFE indices.

MSCI calculates over 150,000 equity indices daily as part of a diverse index portfolio including broad and efficient market coverage of U.S. and European equity markets. MSCI indices are recognized and used by leading asset managers around the world.


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