MF Global UK Special Administrators Publish Range of Estimated Outcomes for Clients and Creditors

June 29, 2012 /

The special administrators of MF Global UK have published an illustrative financial outcome range of potential returns for the combined estates of the clients and creditors of MF Global UK.

In terms of total funds, the high end of the estimated range would see some $3.2bn made available while the low end of the estimated range would amount to some $2.8bn. In terms of claims against these funds, the low end of the estimated range would amount to approximately $3bn while the high end of the estimated range would amount to $3.9bn.

Given the large number of categorisation and priority disputes it is not possible at this stage to provide ranges for each type of claimant.

Richard Heis, joint special administrator of MF Global UK and restructuring partner at KPMG, said: “If the high end of the funds range is returned to the combined estates and the lowest end of the range of claims succeed against the combined estate, the claimants – both clients and ordinary unsecured creditors – would be repaid in full.

“The two most significant issues in defining the ultimate distribution on claims are resolving the treatment of close-out losses on the RTM portfolio between MF Global UK and MF Global Inc and securing the return of the remaining funds from four financial institutions. In determining the claims, we are working to discount those we believe to be duplicative or spurious. There are still numerous work streams to be worked through but this estimated guide shows that there are circumstances where a full pay out is possible.

“While we have paid 26c in the $1 to clients of MF Global UK by way of an interim distribution, we will not be able to make a dividend to unsecured creditors until two key issues are resolved. The first hurdle is establishing the extent to which the recent ruling of the Supreme Court on Lehman Brothers will mean that funds currently in the unsecured (or House) pool could be subject to tracing for the benefit of the segregated client money pool.

“The second hurdle in making an unsecured dividend payment is the appeal by the Chapter 11 Trustee of MF Global Finance USA Inc, against our rejection of its net $418m claim. Both issues are likely to require court guidance before we have certainty around the available unsecured funds and are therefore able to make a payment.”


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