Library an IPad Away from Execs

Michelle Remo, “Big 4″ observer
September 14, 2011 /

Global accounting and business consulting firm KPMG has release a new iPad application for  ”busy corporate executives such as Directors, Chief Executives, CFOs and senior managers” to access a library that contains hundreds of features.

The local office of KPMG in Sri Lanka recently announced that it had released a new iPad app that will allow business executives to “easily search and sort through an interactive library containing hundreds of articles, reports, briefings and surveys.”

The iPad app was released amid an overwhelming success of the device in capturing the hearts of both corporate and consumer customers who plan to buy a tablet in the next three months.

Worldwide shipments of iPad 2 accounted for 9.3 million units, representing 68 percent of the global market.

The iPad app also allows users to access “information on best practices and insights across a broad range of industries, download publications for future reference and save their comments through interactive bookmarks.”

“Recently released version 1.3 further extended the capabilities of the KPMG App for iPad with more frequent updates of content, better filtering to help users retrieve more content, the ability to sort articles by date and extending the capability to view up to 50 results at one time,” KPMG stated.



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