KPMG Now Owns Ledjit Consulting Inc.

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 16, 2010 /

KPMG LLP (Canada) is now the country’s top firm in the line of providing all of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) as it acquired Ledjit Consulting Inc., a premiere e-Discovery and Information Management (EDD/IM) firm in Canada specializing in Bridging the Gap between IT and the Law®.

This acquisition is believed to allow KPMG to take advantage of the already established name of Ledjit Consulting Inc. in the market. Likewise, the client base of Ledjit Consulting, which includes various multi-national corporations, will have its benefits, too, given KPMG’s deep and wide knowledge in advisory services.

Bill Thomas, CEO and Senior Partner of KPMG, said, “The addition of Ledjit professionals and their e-discovery skills positions KPMG as a leading Advisor to corporations and law firms on how to proactively manage records from creation to destruction, and in the course of litigation and investigation. We are building on our ability to deliver strategies that enable organizations to become more efficient and effective in all sectors.”

“Information management, like records retention, is becoming a significant focus for major organizations,” said Jaar, Associate Partner. Jaar pointed out cost-effective solutions as the best option that the General Counsel is looking for, which give guarantees to the level of defensibility in preserving their documents and efforts in production.

“This takes them into the Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) or the Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO) space which require the latter to understand their organization’s legal obligations and have proven processes and procedures in place. KPMG now has a niche in bridging this gap,” Jaar added.


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