IT Services Expansion in E&Y Amid Changing ‘Footprint’ Of Technology

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
April 25, 2011 /

The IT services arm of global accounting and consulting firm Ernst & Young has expanded its advisory group in the field through the appointment of Mal Postings as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Ernst & Young’s IT services group is part of its advisory practices. Similarly, its IT security services expanded in January through the acquisition of Hacktics Ltd.’s professional services arm.

Hacktics has since been working with Ernst & Young’s Advanced Security Centers in measuring the actual effect of security breach to business and determine the particular area largely affected by it.

Postings will oversee the development, execution, and growth of E&Y IT services on a global scale. The advisory team serves clients by identifying opportunities in business technology, managing risks, transforming business performance, and sustaining improvement.

Postings, who has more than 20 years of experience in IT services, will have direct contact with clients who are mostly chief information officers (CIO) to provide them a leverage between information technology and business.

The newly appointed CTO of Ernst & Young now bears the responsibility to push through with its “CIO Agenda” that offers a vista of business and IT elements for CIOs through which they can figure out new technologies to boost the value of business process.

“The entire IT footprint is changing. Companies used to operate their IT entirely within the four walls of their organization. Now they are struggling to deal with how their IT Services are procured and operated,” said Bob Sydow, Americas IT Advisory Leader for Ernst & Young LLP.

Sydow recognized Postings’s knowledge and experience in the industry, saying these credentials can help clients gain valuable insights into how to achieve business objectives and deal with the complexity of the IT environment.

Postings noted three driving forces in the function of CIOs that need reviewing at present, namely the focus to contribute to revenue growth and innovation at a minimal cost on technology, the emergence of cloud computing and social media, and the choice for the best service provider focusing on governance, risk, compliance, and security.

In 2009, Postings joined Ernst & Young as its lead architect for IT advisory services, after 10 years serving as global lead architect at Capgemini where he took several responsibilities.

There, Postings planned and managed transformation programs for customers from various industries in different parts of the globe, from the Middle East, Australia, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, UK, US, and China.


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