How to Get Secured Online As the Year Turns – Deloitte Shares

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 26, 2010 /

Observing that with the rapid growth of information technology comes the challenge for most businesses and consumers to get secured online, Deloitte advises the industry with security tips as the year-end nears.

Irfan Saif, Principal at Deloitte LLP, said the wide array of possibilities of getting a company’s sensitive data breached by unauthorized intervention has been the greatest challenge for most businesses. Saif said businesses should shift their attention to creating maximum-security programs in maximizing their resources and budgets.

Saif said most organizations are focusing on “security in silos,” meaning that more focus is given to compliance rather than risk. Giving more focus on enterprise-wide approach to risk management instead of compliance could be far more efficient and effective, Saif added.

Saif pointed to cloud computing as the key in getting secured online since the cloud offers a broader security than a single PC does.

Suggesting that consumers need to be highly vigilant at the turn of 2011, Saif said that the growing concerns about getting one’s data secured online should compel businesses and consumers to create practical ways and means to “manage the massive volumes of data they collect.” Saif suggested that cosumers learn the length of shelf life of these data and find out if they are assets or liabilities.

Businesses and brands need to know the process of collecting the data they get and how they are destructed, how they can be shared by third-parties, Saif said. “Once a robust process and supporting mechanisms are in place,” Saif continued, “businesses should test them thoroughly and repeatedly” so as to find out how secured they are from potential risks.

Included in the security maintenance for consumers are passwords to be used when accessing their network-enabled devices and applications, Saif said.

Saif further advised to use anti-virus softwares and firewalls and discarding suspicious emails with attachments and links from a stranger. When connecting to wireless networks, Saif warned consumers to be careful with the applications they may get from every access point, adding that these might also be risky when posted on online sites.

To be secured online, Saif said consumers must understand the dangers brought by the online world.


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