Geospatial Analytics Services New Financial and Data Offerings at Deloitte

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 19, 2010 /

With its expanded financial and data analytics offerings, Deloitte now has the leverage to extend its market capabilities using the geospatial analytics services that will be facilitated by Matthew Gentile, former chief executive officer of a geospatial analytics firm Traverse Technologies, Inc.

Gentile and his Traverse analytics team will assist in identifying challenges in several aspects of governance like homeland security, defense, intelligence, energy, health care, transportation, law enforcement, telecommunications, immigration, and natural resource management. These elements of the federal landscape require geospatial analytics and visualization to determine complex challenges.

Among the governmental aspects where geospatial analytics may apply include tracking and managing physical assets, interpreting money flow that could possibly finance terrorist activities, mapping fund disbursements, and laying out disaster preparedness and recovery plans in times of calamities.

Greg Pellegrino, principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP and leader of its federal government services practice, said Deloitte’s new service will prop up the firm’s “ability to share, analyze and visualize a wide spectrum of data.” Pellegrino added that it will provide the decision makers a unique tool not found in traditional analysis.

Including geospatial analytics in its portfolio of financial and data analytics services enhances the existing data analytics of Deloitte, its forensic and asset management capabilities, and shows how the firm is able to cater to the changing needs of its clients, Pellegrino said.

Pellegrino considered the new analytics practice of Deloitte to be a team of experienced “geospatial intelligence” that will help the federal government achieve it goals.

Deloitte’s new geospatial analytics team will be housed in Deloitte’s Arlington, Va. and Boston, Mass. offices.


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