Ernst & Young (Shanghai) Certified Tax Agency Company Limited Officially Opens

August 17, 2012 /

Ernst & Young (Shanghai) Certified Tax Agency Company Limited (CTA) held a grand opening ceremony in the Shanghai World Financial Center to announce its official establishment.

The auditing and accounting firm relies on its global resources network and tax experts’ years of experience, to provide a full range of tax services to its domestic and international clients.

Leaders from the China Certified Tax Agents Association, the Shanghai and Zhejiang Certified Tax Agents Associations and the Administration Center, leaders and entourage from the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Management Committee will gather at the opening ceremony to present and congratulate on the establishment of Ernst & Young CTA.

Mr. Walter Tong, Ernst & Young Greater China Tax Service Leader, states, “Tax service plays a fundamental role in the development of a modern financial services industry and economy. As an international financial center, Shanghai has taken the forefront of Chinese tax development in actively promoting and applying innovations to fiscal and tax reform.

“We chose Shanghai as the location of Ernst & Young CTA not only because we want to better serve the development of Shanghai as an international financial center, but also because we want to actively cooperate with the government and enterprises to promote tax reform, enable the tax industry to play its strategic role in the ‘Twelfth Five-Year’ plan, and promote the industry and economic development with our high-quality services.”

Ernst & Young is one of the first professional tax service providers entering the mainland market. For decades, relying on the vast technical knowledge of its tax professionals and its broad service network, Ernst & Young has built a broad client base in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Its network includes state-owned enterprises, multinationals, private enterprises and individuals. Ernst & Young has also been rated by the renowned journal International Tax Review as a leading tax service provider.

When talking about the blueprint for the future development, Mr. Shi Chuan, leader of Ernst & Young CTA, says, “Under the current economic circumstances, Ernst & Young will closely follow the steps of reforms in economic, fiscal and tax systems, and strive to cultivate more high-end inter-disciplinary talents in finance and tax, to deliver better professional services to our clients.

“While continuing to develop our tax assurance business, we will also strengthen our presence in providing real-time international tax service to Chinese enterprises, expand tax-related services including tax advisory and tax training, and contribute to the development of the tax industry and tax education and training in China.”

The firm stated: “The establishment of Ernst & Young CTA will provide more international insight in our thoughtful professional services to more clients. It is imperative that we fulfill our goal and uphold our values: to meet the market’s needs and to enhance the quality of our tax service through innovations and our incessant strive for excellence.

“We hope that through our continuous efforts, the establishment of Ernst & Young CTA will improve the service standard of the whole tax industry and contribute to the Chinese economy’s fast and sustainable development.”


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