Ernst & Young Nanjing Office Opens

July 04, 2012 /

The Ernst & Young Nanjing office, located at Sunny World at the heart of the CBD, Nanjing’s financial center, has officially opened.

It marks the establishment of Ernst & Young’s 15th office in China, which demonstrates not only Ernst Young’s optimism about the potential of Nanjing as well as Jiangsu Province, but also its confidence in the future of the Chinese market.

Shen Jian, Vice Mayor of Nanjing, and Feng Yajun, Secretary of the CPC District Committee of Jianye District will present at the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony. The representatives from Ernst & Young are Albert Ng, Chairman, China, Managing Partner, Greater China; Philip Leung, Managing Partner, China Central Region; and Derick Yap, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young’s Nanjing office.

Albert Ng says at the opening ceremony, “Ernst & Young is one of the first international accounting organizations which entered the Mainland market. We are honored to witness China‘s fast economic growth and prosperous development in the past decades and its positive influence on today’s global economy. Nanjing, as an ancient cultural capital of China, not only has long been well-known for its long history and geographical advantages, but also has accomplished notable achievements in recent years, through actively driving economic transformation and accelerating industrial innovation. We have great hopes and good wishes for a brighter future of Nanjing.”

Albert also notes that Ernst & Young, optimistic about the economic development and regional advantages of Nanjing, was committed to developing the local market in the past years. On one hand, Ernst & Young assisted the municipal government of Nanjing in attracting investment, actively participated in the Nanjing Mayor and International Entrepreneurs Forum, and advised on the development planning of Nanjing.

On the other hand, it endeavored to communicate with Chinese and foreign enterprises in Nanjing and, through events such as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of the Year and Milestones, promoted entrepreneurs’ spirit of innovation and encouraged enterprises to improve corporate governance and to continuously enhance risk awareness and capabilities to raise capital through going public. Ernst & Young, relying on its resources in China and around the globe, expects to play its part in contributing to the economic development of Nanjing.

Philip Leung says, “Being the growth engine for driving the economic developments of Jiangsu province, Nanjing boasts significant regional advantages and leads surrounding regions in technological advances and infrastructure. Through many years’ efforts, Ernst & Young has now developed various businesses in Nanjing, providing services such as IPO, tax planning and business advisory to many high quality clients.

“The establishment of our Nanjing office, the second one in Jiangsu Province after Suzhou office, marks an important strategic approach for us to strengthen and develop business in the economic zone of the Yangtze River Delta. Based in Nanjing, we will deliver professional services of international standard to Chinese and foreign enterprises in Nanjing and the surrounding areas, while laying the foundation for serving other major cities in the Yangtze River Delta.”

Derick Yap says, “Among the most significant resources of Nanjing are science and technology, education and talents. Nanjing’s consulting and service outsourcing industries have gained great momentum in recent years, leaving much room for leveraging its talent strength in finance, accounting and consulting, which will contribute to making Nanjing a domestic leader in consulting and service outsourcing industries. The Ernst & Young Nanjing office welcomes both excellent graduates from universities in Nanjing and local leading talents with experience in consulting services to join us.

“In addition, With its professional experience in serving major international events such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Ernst & Young will continue to better support the municipal government of Nanjing in its endeavor to host the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, and will provide valuable advice for Nanjing to develop modern service industries and for more enterprises to expand, innovate and go abroad.”


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