Cyber Bullying Busters: Deloitte in India

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
March 09, 2011 /

The latest development in Deloitte’s consulting services shows its resolve to bring the fight against cyber bullying to the next level as the firm has joined efforts with India’s data security authorities to come up with a manual that will help in bringing mobsters to court using scientific method of investigation.

The manual against cyber bullying comes hard on the heels of the latest smartphone application developed by Deloitte to enable its staff and clients deal with disasters in a quicker and more convenient way without having to worry about network connectivity.

The manual, called ‘Cyber Crime Investigation Manual’, is the brainchild of Deloitte’s technology services and NASSCOM, meaning it is the first in India’s history of technological advances.

‘Cyber Crime Investigation Manual’ is said to be based on best practices and latest technologies related to fighting cyber bullying activities, which involve the use of computer to bring harm to other people through the web.

Most victims of cyber bullying are commercial organizations and government offices that have been seeing cyber attacks at a considerable rate at the advent of digital age in recent years.

According to Avijit Gupta, director of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited who helped develop the manual, Deloitte has drawn the manual’s concept from all of the best practices around the globe in fighting cyber bullying using highly modernized technologies.

Some of the methods included in the manual cover pre-investigation, collection of evidence, and handling such evidence, procedures that are deemed critically important to authorities conducting investigations into possible cyber bullying.

Deloitte’s Senior Director in india, Sanjoy Sen said the cyber bullying manual will help build confidence among Indians towards a secured network in every sector.


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