Crisis Management Now a Phone App Away

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
March 07, 2011 /

For the first time in crisis management related developments, a phone app that does not rely on network connectivity has come out as a brainchild of consulting and accounting firm Deloitte to help businesses deal with disasters using modern technology.

Following Deloitte’s creation of the smartphone application Vote Victoria in November 2008 that helped Victorian voters locate the nearest polling center and acquire tips during the elections, the firm comes up with a new phone app designed to store updated procedures and action-plans on how to manage crisis.

The phone app called Bamboo is user-friendly on smartphones like Blackberry and iPhone. It will be first used by over a hundred thousand Deloitte staff across the globe while the firm plans to make it available to clients.

Some of the features offered by Bamboo include an easy access to crisis management plans and contact details of organizations, auditing and action-tracking for post-incident debriefs, accessible information that are critical to crisis management, and enabled notification to send alerts about incidents.

According to Rick Cudworth, head of resilience and testing at Deloitte, quick and effective crisis management has become more important following recent events that literally shook the world.

Deloitte wants to make the process of minimizing the impact of disasters easy for its staff and clients.

“Clients have asked us to help them access their essential information and the technology to use it effectively. In recent incidents they found plans were out-of-date, contact details were incorrect and the telecommunications network suffered failures making voice and data communications difficult,” Cudworth added.

Deloitte has observed that its employees usually bring out with them their mobile phones among other belongings during disasters so it decided to develop a phone app that enables them to access action-plans without having to bother network connectivity.


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