Cambridge Innovation Center Nests PwC’s Northeast Emerging Company Services Practice

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 11, 2010 /

The US PwC reports about the relocation of its Northeast Emerging Company Services (ECS) to the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), which is known to provide the widest office incubator in Cambridge for the growing technology and life science companies.

More than 300 local technology and life sciences companies hope the PwC’s relocation to CIC will consequently give them easy on-site access to its professional services and resources since the move will furnish a home to PwC partners and professionals in the facility.

Timothy Rowe, CEO of the CIC, expressed excitement in behalf of the facility at the prospect of hosting PwC’s Emerging Company Services group in the area. Rowe believes that the move of PwC will aid the growing companies in CIC to concretize their vision from start-up through maturity.

Cambridge’s economy largely depends on local technology and life science companies that serve as its backbone, proof of which are the once local start-ups that now play as the biggest employers in Greater Boston.

Kevin Shaw, PwC partner and Cambridge office leader of the ECS practice, said that there is a difference between the needs of start-ups and those of larger companies. Shaw added that the Emerging Company Services commits itself to providing assistance to emerging companies in CIC in achieving success in the market, which he said could be done through specialized services.

The CIC has been a host to a number of new companies that have recently established operations in the area, which include CommonAngels, Boston’s largest network of private technology investors. CommonAngels managing director James Geshwiler recognized the partnership with PwC to be of “high-quality” since vital business needs of startups would find the best answer through PwC’s access across technology markets.


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