AICPA Launches New Mobile App for EBooks

July 10, 2012 /

The American Institute of CPAs has launched a new eReader app for the iPhone™ and iPad™, making it more convenient than ever for accounting professionals to tap into the information they need on the go.

The AICPA Reader is available as a free download from the Apple App Store, and allows CPAs to build a portable library of the most trusted content available on professional topics. The growing list of eBooks from the AICPA includes audit and accounting guides, audit risk alerts, guidance for management accounting and practice management, and many other titles.

“Our new app makes it easier than ever for CPAs to have instant access to the best resources in the profession,” said Linda Cohen, the AICPA’s vice president of publications.

The AICPA Reader has been installed by more than 1,000 iPhone™ and iPad™ users so far. It features a clean, well-organized interface that makes it a snap to navigate through eBook collections. Users can create bookmarks, search for keywords, and annotate text.

To order eBooks from the AICPA Online Store,, users first must download Adobe Digital Editions, a free digital rights management program, to their PC or Mac. EBook titles can be authorized for use on up to six devices, including laptops, desktops, eReaders, smartphones and tablets.

Once downloaded, publications can be transferred directly to an iPad™ or iPhone™ through the AICPA Reader app by tapping the “Import eBooks” button and signing in with a user’s existing AICPA or CPA2Biz log-in information. A list of previous eBook purchases will appear, and individual titles can be tapped to add them to the device.

AICPA Reader is the latest app developed by the AICPA’s technology subsidiary, CPA2Biz, which is committed to providing the best mobile capabilities for the profession.


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