Acquisitions, Hirings Expand Deloitte’s Sustainability Service Offerings

Michelle Remo, “Big 4″ observer
June 22, 2011 /

Global consulting and accounting firm Deloitte has further expanded its sustainability service offerings and strengthened its leadership team following recent acquisitions of DOMANI Sustainability Consulting LLC, and ClearCarbon Consulting, Inc.

Deloitte has announced last week about the key hiring of Daniel Aronson and Jacob Madsen, who will add to the firm’s talent in addition to earlier “influx” of service capabilities including the acquisitions of MarketPoint, Inc. and Altos Management Partners in January and MarketPoint/Altos, founded by Dale Nesbitt, known for his market analysis modeling solutions in the energy industry.

Deloitte MarketPoint LLC enables clients to better understand future markets based on their assumptions about the market drivers, such as supply and demand and changes in regulation.

Last month, Kennedy’s Strategy Consulting Marketplace 2010-2013: Key Trends, Profiles and Forecasts has ranked Deloitte as the number two Global Strategy Consulting provider.

Aronson joins Deloitte’s sustainability services group from IBM where he served as global offering leader for sustainability strategy and led corporate social responsibility consulting for IBM’s strategy and transformation practice.

On the other hand, Madsen joins the group from Environmental Resource Management (ERM) where he managed the supply chain sustainability, life cycle assessment and carbon footprinting practice of ERM’s North American sustainability and climate change team.

Through Deloitte MarketPoint’s suite of modeling applications that use MarketBuilder, clients can gain insights into future market behavior, helping them to make more informed strategic decisions, such as investments in energy efficiency, clean tech, alternative energy, renewable energy, and carbon abatement projects.

Former DOMANI and ClearCarbon CEOs have joined Deloitte’s team, with Sarni who has been a director with Deloitte Consulting LLP leading enterprise water strategy for Deloitte’s sustainability services group.

Sarni has provided sustainability, environmental and hydrogeological consulting services to private- and public-sector enterprises for more than three decades. He is an internationally recognized thought leader on the topic and is the author of the book, Corporate Water Strategies (Earthscan) and the forthcoming book, Water Tech – A Guide to Innovation and Business Opportunities (Earthscan 2012).

Kyle Tanger, former CEO of ClearCarbon, joined Deloitte’s sustainability services group in mid-December.

Tanger, also a director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, will deliver services for complex carbon management efforts for Fortune 500 companies. Tanger recently served as an advisory board member for the Pew Center for Global Climate Change’s upcoming report on corporate energy efficiency strategy.

The acquisitions of ClearCarbon and DOMANI have enabled Deloitte to take a significant step forward as a leading sustainability services provider.

“The combined offerings create a new hub of sustainability excellence, highlighting a combination of strategic insights and deep knowledge of complex challenges impacting organizations across all industries and sectors,” according to Deloitte.

Chris Park, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, and national leader of Deloitte’s sustainability services group, said Deloitte’s “focus is on working with clients to further embed sustainability into everything they do, helping companies drive growth and innovation, mitigate risk, reduce cost and improve brand – using energy, water, resources and emissions as levers for creating value.”


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