Private Healthcare Market Investigation Bared

June 25, 2012 /

The Competition Commission (CC) has published an issues statement as part of its market investigation into privately-funded healthcare services.

The CC is an independent public body, which carries out investigations into mergers, markets and the regulated industries. The members of the private healthcare market investigation group are: Roger Witcomb (Chairman of the Group and CC Chairman), Jayne Almond, Tony Morris, Jeremy Peat, and Jonathan Whiticar.

The Office of Fair Trading referred the market to the CC for investigation in April this year. The CC is now carrying out its own comprehensive investigation, to see if there are any features of this market which prevent, restrict or distort competition and, if so, what action might be taken to remedy them.

The issues statement identifies clearly for all interested parties the key questions which the inquiry is examining at this stage and its proposed approach to these. The issues statement does not imply that the Inquiry Group has yet identified any competition concerns.

The CC is required to report by 3 April 2014. The inquiry timetable sets out the various stages for the investigation.


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