Redundant Rok Employee Lashed Out at the Administrators

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
November 22, 2010 /

One of the more than 200 redundant employees of Rok has expressed dismay and anger at the administrators’ way of treating him.

Christopher Hollis, 45, from Radcliffe, said he has been laid off informally as he was just sent with a text message from Rok administrators saying ‘Sorry lads, the company has gone.’ Hollis, who has served the firm for ten years, expressed his dismay at the administrators’ attitude towards the employees at Rok’s Westhoughton depot. Hollis claimed that he was left only with £1,200 out of pocket.

He also said that he recently received a letter from administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers instructing him how to return his works van.

“I can’t believe they’ve sacked me by text but then written to me about my van. Not one person in management has had the nerve to ring us up. Everyone I’ve spoken to is disgusted at the way we have been treated,” Hollis said.

The sacked employees have been told to get their payment after the administrators were appointed. But Hollis said he has not received yet his pay three weeks prior to that date. He was a van driver and a store keeper at Rok.

Hollis said he had been receiving messages since Monday until Friday last week, which said he would no longer get his pay for those three weeks but that he would be paid “from November 8 for the last few days.”

Rok announced an added 235 redundancies on November 19, pushing the lay-off figures to nearly 2,800. The helpline that would assist employees in returning the company vehicles has been updated, said a PwC spokesman.


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