Solera Network Poll Shows Value of Digital Evidence Still Misunderstood by Most Organizations

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
November 17, 2010 /

A recent survey conducted by Solera network revealed that 96 percent of respondent security professionals acknowledge the importance of awareness in real-time situational analysis, but only 19 percent confirmed they have the capability to secure their network.

The survey showed that a number of organizations do not have enough preparations to identify where the potential attacks to their network may come from. About 82% of the surveyed security professionals expect to experience in the next three years tremendous threats in their security, 96% feel threatened by the web behavior of employees, and 71% consider instant messaging to be the most likely source of security threats.

Concerns over lengthy periods before any recovery could take place have been brought up by 92 percent of the survey participants while lack or absence of equipment to determine the magnitude of security incidents account for 64 percent. About 20% believe it’s “impossible to determine scope.”

One of the survey participants, Lawrence Dietz, General Counsel and Managing Director at TAL Global, said that “most organizations are not prepared to deal with this kind of incident because they don’t understand that valuable digital evidence is lost as soon as the breach is over. Most organizations fail to employ proactive forensic tools.”

It is reported by experts that only awareness of these threats and knowledge on what exactly happened inside the network could enable one to stop their damaging presence to security and personal data and intellectual property.

Experts highlighted the importance of network forensics to detect threats lurking inside the network that compromise overall security of the resident network and the cyber space as a whole.


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