Is Android Phone Sending Your Message to the Right Recipient?

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
January 03, 2011 /

Google has admitted a system glitch with its Android OS messaging service, an “SMS bug” that diverts the direction of messages for intended recipients to the others, which would often result in embarrassment for the sender.

In its Android forum (issue number 9392) that started June 28, 2010 with already 1,300 comments as of the publication of this news, phone users complained that the messages they were sending simultaneously to specific persons in their phone book went to the wrong persons without them knowing the system glitch immediately. The first comment involved Google’s Android device, the Nexus One.

Other comments alleged that their messages were sent to people not listed in their contact list. Although the Android messaging service glitch has not yet affected major number of users, there is an ongoing concern that this SMS bug might blow out of proportion anytime soon. Google has not yet taken any actions to preempt the possible devastating effects of the problem with its Android service.

Google said it considered this “Android SMS bug” an “average priority.”

During the height of Christmas season in December 2010, a separate case of data breach in China involving Android was also found by experts. A malware application called “Geinimi” allegedly would allow an external server to takeover the internal control of Android once installed and would send the personal information stored in the phone to the owner of that server.

The Wall Street Journal has also found late in December some Android OS applications that sent personal information like age, gender, phone identifier, and location to third-parties, usually advertising companies.


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